Author Guidelines

This is a co-authored book, so as an author, you should feel free to add and edit as you'd like.

Biographies and Pics

Please add a biography and picture in utilities here:

Editing Notes

You can add notes to your chapter that only other authors can see in the Editor Notes field in chapter settings. Do this to keep track of things that need attention or to create a to-do list.

Style Considerations

Generally follow APA, but don't spend a lot of time converting sources without talking it out with the group first.

Importing Content

The simplest way to import content tends to be from a Google Doc. You can alternatively copy/paste directly into the WYSIWG editor. You can also find formatting and editing help in the User Guide.


The book overall uses a CC BY license. You can include content that is licensed in other ways, but be sure that you choose the proper license in the chapter settings. Also, any content you include should be properly cited in the Previous Citation field in the chapter settings.


Source content can be anything. Some sites that might help include the following:


You can add to the glossary here: . Once you've input a glossary term, you can reference it in your chapter with the Tools > Glossary Link feature.


Some content will have abstracts that should be added in the chapter settings. Should we create abstracts for those chapters without for uniformity's sake?


You can add keywords to each chapter in the chapter settings. These will then be used to help navigation:

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