Overview of Open Education

Open education as a practice and theory has been gaining momentum in the education vertical for the last two decades particularly with the rise and dominance of the internet. The definition (centering around the 5Rs), use cases, rules, obstacles, and opportunities are all addressed briefly in this presentation to give the viewer an opportunity to be introduced to the subject broadly and encouraged regarding its future standing.


Alright. Let's go ahead and jump into and overview of open education. So the first question to ask is what is open education Wiley decided to answer this question in a comprehensive way that has been cited abundantly by the scholars and researchers alike for the last two decades he explained this way this is content that can be reused we're going to start on the center here used in any different way you can be revised it can be adjusted modified you can change this content it's very different from traditional intellectual property right content it can be remixed but it was on the same mash it up together this content can be redistributed in any way that an educator or an individual or anyone at all desires to do so and lastly the owner of the content is to retain rights and controls the contents and the copies and everything that goes with it so this is an overview what it is how is it different from traditional education while some of that's obvious bill will point it out there's a material costs that is less with open education because it simply doesn't cost anything or it cost very very little in terms of a token amount there's a speed of deliveries that is often quicker with open education that I can get into there's a freedom of use with open education material that it just cannot be had with traditional resources and ultimately and this is what is perhaps most exciting about open education content is that after it's been revised reused remixed becomes better and even better than traditional content so is open education APC and now this is a question that's asked and answered quite a bit the simple answer is not it is a lot of work to bring according to Dr Wiley less than 10% of our even met through so here's some of the other Roblox general sweeping themes here first we have adoption people adopting this is just difficult it's something new there's a ingrained system already in place with traditional books there's a perception with open education that's perhaps the quality is lesser there's a lot of oer options out there implementation just teaching him teachers especially to be able to use this content more quickly and to be comfortable using it and there's also the question of equity that comes into play that is equity being addressed so who's using it now right now there's only a few people using less than 20% of this number has gained tremendously the last so quick question is there a recognize the Wikipedia logo here it is very very similar and would be able to work much the same way in terms of shareability people being able to go in and edit revised for you so one quick question is do we want people do we really want people using it is actually this good and it's unavoidable really to some degree and that's great news so how do we get more people using open practices well it's a lot of work but there's a lot of factors to it and one as a student you need to be asking for as an educator you need to be provided and as a person you need to be talked about it and as all those things are followed they'll be a slow generational improvement where societies as well as individuals especially educators become more and more acquainted with and accustomed to the use of open education products

Jacob Rogers

Brigham Young University

Jacob Rogers is a graduate student at BYU studying Instructional Psychology and Technology with a research emphasis in open education. He is also a full-time, working professional.

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