• I. Intellectual Property
  • II. Free Software
  • III. Open Source
  • IV. Open Content
  • V. Defining Free
  • VI. Defining Open
  • VII. Open Source Software Licenses
  • VIII. Open Content Licenses
  • IX. Open CourseWare
  • X. Open Educational Resources
  • XI. Open Textbooks
  • XII. Research in Open Education
  • XIII. The Economics of Open
  • XIV. Open Business Models
  • Download
  • Translations
  • VI

    Defining Open

    Bruce Perens, “The Open Source Definition”David Wiley, “Open Content”OKFN, “Open Definition”David Wiley, “The Access Compromise and the 5th R”David Wiley, “Open Definitions, Specificity, and Avoiding Bright Lines”

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