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  • Reading Time

    This value is intended to help readers and authors to understand how much time it will take a typical adult to read a piece of content.

    The platform uses a simple algorithm to predict reading time as follows:

    $$ Reading\ Time = Word\ Count / Words\ per\ Minute $$

    In most calculations, Words per Minute is set to a default value of 300 to match the average reading speed of an adult.

    However, in some calculations, the textual complexity of the content is also taken into consideration as follows:

    $$ Reading\ Time = Word\ Count / (Words\ per\ Minute - FleschKincaid\ Reading\ Ease\ Score) $$

    This adjusts the Words per Minute to a range of 200 (for difficult content) to 300 (for easy content).

    This content is provided to you freely by Open Dental Education Consortium.

    Access it online or download it at https://odec.edtechbooks.org/userguide/reading_time.